2016 is coming to an end & my plans for 2017

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I now work from home on a totally separate floor that I have setup as my Office/gaming room. I thought of doing a lot of things after coming home this year – which I partially followed but there were many important things that I missed out on.

Things I couldn’t do in 2016

  • Fix my routine and sleep cycle. I have dark circles under my eyes which make me look tired all the time. I always sleep after 2-3AM and wake up around 11 AM. I am getting enough hours of sleep but the routine is messed up.
  • Fix my food habits. I used to eat a lot of junk food which has gone down significantly. I still need to work on it to adopt a healthy diet.
  • My water drinking problem. I don’t have a word for this and it might sound funny or lame but I decided I would drink a lot of water. Believe it or not, I drink very less water. This has its effect on my skin as well. It seems rough and I feel like shit all the time.
  • Go out more often. My world is limited to my work and room. I don’t go out much. The reason for that is I don’t have many friends who go out. But can’t blame them, everyone’s busy in their own life.
  • Earn more money. Well, I would like to earn much more money than I am earning right now.

Now the year 2016 wasn’t all that negative for me. It was quite moderate. Two of my best friends got married and that too, to each other. Loved being a part of that. It was definitely a big highlight of my year.

I have made some plans for 2017 and I hope to accomplish them by the end of 2017.

My plans for 2017 – Best year of my life YET

  • Blog more. I have stopped blogging AT ALL on my personal blogs – this blog and the other ones that I own. I’d like to blog more this coming year.
  • Lose weight. I’m 24 and I have a tummy that’s a size of a well. I need to lose all that extra weight by the end of this year. I need to eat healthy, I need to drink more water and I need to do it all in 2017.
  • Look good. I am quite a good looking guy(I am, right? Right guys?), if I can say so, myself. B) Well, I need to look good overall and this year I will make it happen.
  • Work harder. Work is worship and I am going to be 25 years old this year. Many of my friends are doing good in their respective careers while my own progress has been stagnant. I need to work hard and get some good results.
  • Make more friends. I have been realizing that my friend circle is quite small. While I don’t really want it to be a size of the universe, I would be happy to make 3-4 really good friends this year.

  • Be good to everyone. Talk politely and don’t come across as an asshole in front of them. Trust me when I say this, people get offended due to the tone I speak to them in. I don’t mean to offend most of these people but it’s my tone which spoils everything. I need to bring that tone down to a certain level.
  • YouTube. I was doing good on a secret channel that I own on YouTube but that got boring really soon. I need to get back to YouTube and work on ExtraTechnical which will be my main YouTube channel. I need to get away from what most people are doing and need to find something that makes me unique. I have some ideas but I need to implement them correctly.
  • Be happy – all the time. I get depressed for weird and useless reasons. I guess that has to do with the fact that I spend too much time by myself. I just need to go out a bit more and I’ll be fine.

I am not aiming for the stars here. I just have some normal resolutions for 2017 and I really hope I am able to accomplish all of them by the end of the year.

I’d like to wish everyone of you a very happy new year. Hope this new year brings a lot of happiness in your life.

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