Job? No job! Making the Big Move – Going all in!

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Well, if you follow this blog, which you do not (I know), then you already know about my posting frequency over here. The blog was lying dormant since many days and hence I thought I should just shake things a bit before going to bed tonight.

Things have been well in the past few months and they are getting better. I don’t have a job and I am not looking for one. While I see many of my friends from school and college going out and having fun, I am stuck working. I am not complaining, though. This is going to help me in the long run but since I am now of age to take things into my own hands, I have to plan everything by keeping the future in mind. I am definitely scared and I am taking a lot of risks by going full guns blazing by making the decision of not going for a job.

A job?

No matter what I think, a job does provide you an iota of guarantee of a good lifestyle. Then again, I am not some IIT passout who would have scored a very handsome package at Google or Facebook. I am just a normal UPTU graduate who doesn’t remember anything that he learned in college. It is all a blur.

I do get asked by my parents if I am going to do this all my life or what and I think they still have a hope that I would wake up someday and start going to an office. Maybe I will, but that will be my very own office.

I should stop dreaming and start working more. I am exploring many other avenues apart from freelancing. But anything that I will get myself into will require the initial kick money that I currently don’t have.

Big Move – All in

Anyway, enough about the job. I am actually leaving Gurgaon in September and coming back to Noida. Why? Food & electricity. Food is one of the major factors why I am coming back to Noida.

Food was my number one problem while living there. No matter what I tried, it was just not as per my taste. My expenditure on food on way too much and this was harming my health as well. I am coming to Noida and I will be able to have healthy home made delicious meals made by Maa.

Next thing is the electricity. First of all, why is there such abundance of electricity in Gurgaon? For fucks sake, it is a smart city and it should be like one. I lived in DLF Phase 3 which is not a new area. A lot of working people live there and hence the need to provide enough electricity is important. Secondly, the electricity unit prices. 10 fucking rupees per fucking unit? Are you insane or what?

We hardly used anything apart from the AC, my PC and fans along with the lights and even then we had to pay more than Rs. 4000 as electricity bills. That is a lot of money. We paid Rs. 9200 as rent and Rs. 4000 as electricity bill which is fucking insane.

The electricity costs in Noida are half of what we pay in Gurgaon and yet we have long power cuts. And do not get me started on the voltage fluctuations. The voltage went down to 70V and never went above 190V. The landlord had to install a few gigantic stabilizers in order to make sure we were having enough voltage even to run the fucking AC. It was hell if you know what Delhi summers can do to you without an AC, cooler or a fan.

Right now I am trying to figure out how I will bring my stuff from Gurgaon to Noida. I have a huge computer table and chair along with a few more things. I need to contact some packers and movers and get a deal sorted. This is going to be costly.

Now that I have finalized my decision, I have nothing else to do other than focussing on my work – which I am not able to do horribly. I am still trying to fix my sleep cycle which you can see is already fucked up. After that, I need to shed some weight and for that I need to exercise. Morning jogs and runs will do the trick but I just need company. Maybe I will start it alone who knows.

Off to sleep now. Nice of you to read this till the end. Not proofreading it right now so if you find any mistakes, just let me know. Thanks!

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