Not as exciting as it used to be…

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If you read all the posts on my blog, you will just think of me as a depressed loser. Which is not correct (lol)!

There are many awesome things in life but I don’t share them on my blog/Facebook just because I fear they will be jinxed. I would never want that. I was actually travelling from Gurgaon to Noida today and was alone which gave me time to think about the most random things that could ever come up in my mind. The flow of thoughts reminded me on how happy and active I used to be as a child in this festive season. The time since Navratri started and until Diwali was used to be the best days in the year.

The whole excitement of having festivals, meeting relatives, enjoying with friends and what not.

It used to be so awesome. I don’t know.. Growing up just takes away all the excitement from you about the smallest things ever. I hardly feel cheerful when something good comes up or happens. Even if it does, the happiness and excitement is shortlived. I get used to it and then I find it boring all of a sudden.

Diwali is just around the corner and I should be excited. But I am not. I am more worried about the bills I have to pay, the work that I need to complete and few more chores that I need to complete. I am sick, tired and bored.

Somedays when I wake up, I just feel like laying in bed all day, doing nothing. Just laying down, thinking about random things. But then I just have to wake up and start working.

This is probably because I am just bored and need a break from all this crap? From what I do, from whom I know?

I am not sure.

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