[Pictures] 24th July 2015 – A birthday I will never forget!!

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I have so many things to say but then, no one would want to read a long post and get bored as I already bore you guys with my boring and senseless posts I make almost everyday!! 😛
But yeah, a post in which I thank everyone who made my birthday awesome is necessary. It is the least I can do to thank you guys.
First of all I would like to thank Yamini. She’s that “girl best friend (and sister)” that every guy wants and I have her. Thanks to her almost every person in my friend list was aware that my birthday is approaching. 😛

She made a post everyday on my wall since the last 30 days. Thank you everyone who actually took our shit and didn’t speak bad for her. You guys are the MVPs. For others, I have no words. 🙂
She has been contacting all my school friends and friends I made outside of that to write a small message for me so that she can show me that everyone does care about me.
Fast forward, 24th July 2015.
Best birthday ever celebrated. She booked some space in a Pizza Hut outlet in Wave Mall, Noida and asked me to com there without giving me any hints on what was going to happen there.
I reached there a bit late and I am sorry about that.. I was surprised to find her along with my buddies Raul Tiwari, Neeraj Dobriyal, Pankaj Chauhanand Rishabh Anand who were there with a cake!! I seriously did not expect meeting these guys. :’)
Then came the obligatory cake cutting and smearing it on the face ritual after which we talked a bit and haz pizza.
Deepak you were missed man.. so sad you couldn’t make it.
Then all three of the guys had to go due to some work and only me, Yamini and Rishabh were left and we were waiting for Sumit and Nikhil Sharma Dogra to join us.
After these two guys joined us, we went to Appu Ghar, GIP to do some bowling and I owned you guys
😛 lol
We headed home after all this and I headed to Gurgaon to meet Deepak and Diksha at CyberHub.
We talked a bit there and decided to eat something. We spent about an hour deciding where we should go but then we entered Nando’s. Bad decision.
Ambience was good. Food was not. Sad.. we’ll try something else next time.
All in all it was an amazing birthday!!
I would like to thank Ayushi, Nikhil, Raul, Deepak, Deepak (another one 😛
 ),Sonali, Pankaj, Neeraj, Aditya, Anurag, Raman, Sandeepta, Rishabh,Shivam, Vishal and Diksha for sending in those sweet messages!! Love every one of you.
And thanks to everyone who wished me. I hope we will remain friends. 🙂 🙂


These messages :’D

Some pictures

There are more pics but I don’t have them yet 😛

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