Quick Update – Not everything is always great

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It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. There are a few reasons for that.. It’s not like I have stopped writing poems or stories. It’s just that now I just keep them to myself.

I have been busy as well as lazy too. Everyday a new opportunity comes up but I somehow manage to screw it all. I have so much to do and such great opportunities that I can grab but my laziness is what stops me every time. Will power is on short supply and that is how most things that I plan don’t even see the light of the day.

Also, exams are starting from 12th May and I am kind of ready. Just one or two topics from each subjects remain but I think my preparation is better than it used to be before this semester. Planning to score a 70%+ number this time. Hope it happens.

Also, I’ve been feeling left out in many things since a major part of my time was occupied last year as compared to this one. I sometimes just feel lonely and frustrated but I make peace with it. You can’t control everything.

Anyway, I am building a new PC and I want to use it for the next 3-4 years without upgrading. Already ordered the Graphics Card & Motherboard from Amazon since they were available at GREAT DISCOUNTS in this summer sale. I still need to decide what RAM, Power supply and cabinet I am going to use. I am also thinking of buying an SSD but I hope my budget allows that when the time comes. It’s going to be a great wait until I finally do build the PC. It might even take a month or two so I should currently just work with my PC and Laptop.

I am also trying to kickstart my YouTube channel since a long time but laziness combined with other stuff comes in between.

I also need to work on building back my will power up.

Update: LOL and I also don’t know what happened to the 100 trips plan. Hope I am able to resume it soon. I did go to Jaipur though. I’ll post about it. 🙂

Will write soon again. 🙂

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