Trip 1 of 100 – An Unplanned Trip To Faridabad & Murthal, Haryana

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I’m not a traveller. But I like the idea of leaving everything behind and going out totally forgetting about the things you have to do and the tensions that might have been eating you up from the inside.

Travelling makes you feel free. It makes you feel tired but in a good way. Just going out there and seeing new places and wondering how beautiful the world is. This is what I call freedom and I like this feeling.

The Planning

August 20, 2014

So, Deepak messaged me about a random idea of a night out he had. Both of us have been going through a lot of tension since a last few days so the idea of forgetting everything and just going out to see new places seems quite interesting.

Now the question was, where do we go.

We didn’t want to spend a lot of money and go somewhere far so we looked up places in NCR area that we haven’t been to.

Deepak found out a few places in Faridabad that we planned to visit and then we planned to visit the famous Amrik Sukhdev Dhabha in Murthal, Haryana.

Only the places that we had to visit were planned. How long will we stay there and where and how we will spend the night was not decided at all.

It was decided that I’ll bring my bike and we will use that to travel as it gives amazing mileage. B)

The Trip Begins

So, I was not able to sleep for some reason that night. Not that I was excited for the trip or anything but there are too many things bothering me nowadays. Anyway, I got out of bed at 4 AM and went out for running and exercise.

Came back and got fresh and tried booking a ticket on IRCTC and failed. Great! Morning started on a pretty good note..

Anyway, the plan was to meet Deepak at 10 AM at Botanical Garden metro station. I made it there at 11:30 AM. 😛

Yes I was late and Deepak was obviously pissed off. xD

So, we met and our journey started. We planned to reach Faridabad first. Thanks to Google Maps Navigation and my Nexus 5. 

It took about an hour and a half to reach Faridabad and after reaching there, we started looking for places to visit.

We chose to visit the Bhadkal Lake first which was another 20 minutes journey from there. We reached there and we had to get a ticket of Rs. 10 at the gate.

We explored the area for a bit and then we parked the bike to enjoy the view and click some pictures of the place.

Bhadkal Lake, Faridabad

Unfortunately, it’s not really a lake anymore. There’s no water there and it simply looks like a dessert. But that place still looks awesome.

Imagine a cloudy day. You and the person you love. The cold wind acts like icing on the cake and the place is so silent and quiet.

You’ll just feel like stopping there and looking through the horizon.

IMG_0074 IMG_0076 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0081

Surajkund, Faridabad

This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in NCR. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_0118 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0106 IMG_0113 IMG_0117 IMG_0120

A Break at the Crown Interiorz Mall

After these two places we decided that it was time to chill in AC a little bit so I fired up Google Now to look for a mall nearest to our location and found that a mall named Crown Interiorz was nearby.

We reached there in about 20 minutes and went directly to the washroom. I still remember the look on our faces when we saw ourselves in the mirror.

Dust + Intense Sunlight + Travelling on Bike = WHO THE HELL IS THAT IN THE MIRROR?! 😮

Luckily Deepak had some face wash with him and we washed our faces and that definitely made us feel fresh.

We roamed around in the mall a bit and decided to have something to eat and so we went to McDonalds.

We sat there for around 1 hour and since there weren’t many people coming into the outlet, it wasn’t a problem.

Roamed around the mall again for sometime and decided to leave for Murthal, Haryana at around 4:30 PM.

I fired up Google Now again to check the distance and started the GPS navigation.

Journey to Murthal, Haryana

The distance was about 77 KM and we reached there in 2 hours since the traffic was high that day.

We took the Grand Trunk Road and the journey was so pleasant. After a bit of traffic there’s just broad empty roads on which you can drive freely!

After a lovely drive we reached the Amrik Sukhdev Dhabha and by the looks of that place, it didn’t really look like a Dhabha but a five star hotel.

We parked the bike and went to the washroom to freshen ourselves.

God, the amount of dust in NCR is seriously very high.. All those projects and constructions are to be blamed.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhabha, Murthal

That place is just beautiful.

They have renovated the place so it looks awesome. You will mostly see families at that place.

It was time to taste the famous parathas so we ordered 1 Aaloo and 1 Pyaaz paratha first along with Iced Shikanji and Lassi.


They were so crispy, rich and soft at the same time… That butter on top.. Just thinking of it makes me feel hungry again.

We ordered 2 more parathas but because it was so rich, we couldn’t finish 2 properly.

We thought of resting a bit at that place as the ambience there was amazing and we also clicked a few pictures.

IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0137 IMG_0127 IMG_0128

We spent around 6 hours there just sitting there chatting on various topics sipping the amazing tea they sell there. It’s totally worth Rs. 15.

We decided to leave at 12:30 AM that night.

The roads were empty and we could only see a couple of trucks here and there and the drivers resting at other small dhabhas.

The journey back to Delhi was amazing as the road were totally empty.

Back to Delhi

India Gate

We decided to visit the India Gate to see how it looked like late at night. I expected it to look as glorious as they show in the movie Rang De Basanti. But alas, the lights were turned off and it didn’t really look all that great at night without the lights.

Connaught Place

We had heard so much about the night life at CP but to our disappointment there was seriously nothing there.

We reached there at around 2 AM just to find a Twentyfour Seven outlet open and various PCR taking rounds of the place.

We parked the bike at a spot and walked around CP clicking pictures of the Indian Flag in Central Park. 

IMG_0146 IMG_0151 IMG_0154 IMG_0157 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0145

After all this we were literally so tired that we were looking for benches to sleep on. -_-

Anyway, we did not do that and went over to the Twentyfour Seven outlet to have coffee.

After this we went to the early morning flower market at Ghazipur Mandi.

Flower Market, Ghazipur Mandi, Delhi

IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0164

The End

This was not the end of our trip as we went to meet a few friends of ours after this but that is not related to this post so I’ll skip that part.

All in all, we really enjoyed the trip and we are planning a new one.

Deepak and I have a plan to do 100 such trips together.

1 down, 99 more to go!

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